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Matiya Patidar Worldwide Privacy Statement


As Matiya Patidar is an non-commercial unit, it does not aim in making a business from the personal infor mation collected by you or your parents. Matiya Patidar Worldwide ("Matiya Patidar Worldwide") recognizes that your privacy and the protection of your personal information is important to you. This statement discloses how Matiya Patidar Worldwide helps protect your personal information while using the Matiya Patidar Worldwide Web Site ( It does not apply to other online or offline Matiya Patidar Worldwide sites, products or services.

The Matiya Patidar Worldwide Privacy Statement is a statement that describes the collection, use and disclosure by Matiya Patidar Worldwide of personal information from or about children and the Kids for obtaining parental consent.


As described in greater detail below, we collect and process personal information for the two primary reason: (1) to make an family tree from which the younger generation can know about there forefather’s, (2) One can know about other’s family’s forefather’s.

What Information Is Collected by Matiya Patidar Worldwide
Matiya Patidar Worldwide collects only that information which is necessary to carry out the two purposes described above. When you download or fill an form provided by Matiya Patidar Worldwide to participate, you will be asked to provide certain personal information that will be stored in the Matiya Patidar Worldwide "profile." Matiya Patidar Worldwide profile contains, at most, the following information: (1) e-mail address, (2) first and last name, (3) country or region, (4) state, (5) ZIP code or postal code, (6) gender, (7) birth date, (8) occupation, (9) e-mail address,
(10) Death date of parents (if any) (11) Marital Status etc. you just need to fill in and sign the form and send it to us, It is the bond that you give us the permission to keep the information about you and your family on website. All the fields described in form is not necessary to be filled out. Its upon the head of the family which information he/she wants to provide for his/her family member.

The Site's Determination of What Information Is Collected

You can register for a Matiya Patidar Worldwide just by downloading a form and filling it and send it to us or you can contact by postal address provided in contact us Page

All of the information you provide during registration is stored by us. However, the information described above is the most that Matiya Patidar Worldwide stores.

If additional information is collected during registration, this information will be stored by us.


How Matiya Patidar Worldwide Will Not Use Your Personal Information

Matiya Patidar Worldwide will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties.
Matiya Patidar Worldwide
will not use or share your personal information in a manner that differs from what is described in this Privacy Statement without your prior consent.

How Matiya Patidar Worldwide Uses Your Personal Information

Matiya Patidar Worldwide uses your personal information for the operation and maintenance of your Matiya Patidar Worldwide account. For example, Matiya Patidar Worldwide uses your Name, B/date and address to be displayed in tree format with your picture (if provided). From where an user can go up to see your fathers and fore fathers and also down to see your childrens.

Matiya Patidar Worldwide may also send you an e-mail about periodic change in/or misunderstanding about the personal information provided by you. These periodic e-mails are considered essential to the provision of the service you have requested.

It is important for you to read the privacy statement for Matiya Patidar Worldwide, so that you understand how the site may use your information.


Access to Your Personal Information

You can always add, update, delete, or make other changes to the information in your Matiya Patidar Worldwide account for that you just need to mail us on for the change made in particular family tree. It will be easier for us if you provide an family code which can be viewed on site.

Closing Your Matiya Patidar Worldwide Account

You may close your Matiya Patidar Worldwide account by mailing us on , or by contacting Matiya Patidar Worldwide by phone.

If you find that someone else has already created a Matiya Patidar Worldwide account with your family informations, you have the option of contacting Matiya Patidar Worldwide by mail or phone and requesting that the Matiya Patidar Worldwide account using your information to be forced to change so that you may use your information as your Matiya Patidar Worldwide account providing the proof that the particular given information is false or someone else has provided it incorrect. If in case someone else has provide the your information and if you don’t want to register you can mail us or notify us by phone to terminate an account by providing the proof that the particular information is put on by some without your permission.


Matiya Patidar Worldwide will occasionally update this Privacy Statement.


If you have questions regarding this Privacy Statement, please send an e-mail message to: mail us on You can also contact Matiya Patidar Worldwide at:

Matiya Patidar Worldwide

Mr. Madhubhai J. Patel
10, Brixham Drive
Great Britain

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